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This is the information we’ll need: Please copy to a word document and send as an email to when complete, or click this link for brief online submission, thank you. You Can Simply use the contact form if you perfer.

Needs Analysis


Current date:

Due date

Client contact:

Company name:

Contact Names:


Company address:

Business phone:

What is the best time to phone you?


Current website URL:

If you don’t have a website what URL would you like (list three)?


Describe the project and the concept, product, or service it is intended to provide?

If this is a new site, what is its purpose?

What primary problem are you trying to solve with a website redesign?

Do you have your entire project content ready: text, pictures,files?

Who your target audience for this project?

How the user should perceive your company -what feelings you wish to evoke, and the brand attributes you want to communicate.

Web design information:

Main competition: List website URLs?

List the URLs of other sites you find compelling?

Target Audience:

Describe a typical user coming to your site?

What action a user should take when coming to your site purchase, become a member, or search for information?

What problems have users reported?

Objectives of this project:

What are the main reasons you are needing a website or redesigning your site?

How will you measure the success of the site?

What existing strategies are in place to meet the new business objectives?

Proposed site:

How big (number of pages) will the website be?

Will your website have streaming media audio or video?

Have you already created the website content?

If not when will it be ready?


Do you need an email account with your website?

If yes, please list the email account(s) you would like created along with an associated password?

Website Hosting:

Do you need us to host your website?

Website Maintenance:

Do you need us to make changes and keep your website current?

How often will your website need to be updated?

Would you require website management experience? Yes:___ No:___

Would you require internet marketing knowledge and experience? Yes:___ No:___

Would you require web marketing upon completion of the site? Yes:___ No:___

Logo design-optional:

Do you need a logo designed?

What words should appear in your logo?

Do you have a tag line or a slogan?

Would you like it to appear on/under/above your logo as well?

Colors you would like to be used for your logo?

Do you have any special font requirements?

Where will you use your logo?

Are there any concepts or symbols that you would like as part of the design?

If you are interested in additional services, please list them below:


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